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This was put together by Lisa Lochner, sister-in-law of Dave. She sent it to me 7/31/2003, and was posted 02/19/2004.

At the age of 31 Dave Lochner was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told by Doctors at best he would have five years to live. Dave was a new Christian at the time he found out he had cancer. Dave had always been a fighter and wasn't willing to accept that there was nothing that could be done for him. Dave put his faith in God not doctors.

Shortly after Dave was diagnosed with cancer, doctors performed a radical surgery that removed approximately 70% of his lungs, leaving him with lungs the size of a baby's lungs. Dave was blessed with a few good years, however the cancer began to spread and his health took a turn for the worse. But Dave kept his faith in God and he knew that no matter what happened, God was in control.

Dave loved sports and games. He spent time with this friends and brothers playing basketball, softball, volleyball and his favorite board game, Risk. Dave also taught himself to play the guitar and flute. He was very involved in his church, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and eventually started spending time with friends from Livonia Community Church. Dave brought these two churches together through fellowship, music and softball.

Dave and his friends from both churches joined a softball league. He even had two of his brothers playing with him on the team. He loved playing softball even when he could barely breathe. There were times when it took everything he had to make it to first base. With the grace of God he was able to continue playing the game for a couple of years. Dave played softball until he couldn't physically participate any longer. But he still went to the games to support and fellowship with his friends. Dave was an inspiration to everyone. His love for God and his testimony reached so many people and he never took credit for it. He always gave the glory to God.

Dave went to be with his heavenly father on February 26, 2003 at the age of 43. As you can see Dave lived 12 years with lung cancer, not 5 years as Doctors predicted. Dave devoted his life to God and served him faithfully. He was a tremendous witness to all of us. He wasn't angry and never complained about having cancer. He knew that God was with him every step of the journey and when he was too tired to breathe or stand on his own, God carried him. Dave lives on through his friends, family and of course softball. The team, renamed "Twins", took to the field this year without Dave supporting them from the stands, but he's there, in their hearts, cheering them on every step of the way. Until the day we see our beloved brother again, we say "this one's for you Dave."